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Ensuring the successful implementation of ClickUp

UpSys was born from the vision that organizations can rely on a single project management tool for the majority of their issues.

Such a powerful tool implies an implementation that can sometimes be difficult to approach. Indeed, the numerous functionalities of the tool make the risk of badly structuring and configuring it important.

Thanks to its ClickUp experts, UpSys can offer you a dedicated support for the implementation of ClickUp. Our 6-step approach has been proven in several sectors:


Mapping the organization

We help you build a clear and structured vision of your organization and your current projects

Process definition

We define together the processes related to each project, before implementing them in the tool


Implementation in ClickUp

Based on the previous work, we implement the projects in ClickUp

Training on the tool

We train your teams on the tool. You will have at your disposal the video recordings of the trainings as well as our PDF user guide


Autonomous use

You use ClickUp autonomously. We will control the quality of its use and provide you with an audit report after 1 month of use.

Support and iterative improvement

Based on a usage audit and your feedback, we will refine the tool configuration to fit your operations perfectly.


Here's what our customers have to say:

UpSys' support has been very useful in the implementation of ClickUp within our IT department: rigor, adaptation, flexibility and in-depth knowledge of project management methods.

Fluent English was also helpful in our relationship with the publisher located in California.

Jérôme, PMO

Upsys helped us to switch from a project management tool that did not correspond to our need for video editing follow-up, to ClickUp. The transition to ClickUp was smooth and the tool was quickly adopted by all.

Valentin, user

Very attentive to our needs, Upsys tried to find solutions that would suit us best, while being a force of proposal on the points where they considered that our request was not optimal.

David, Project Manager

a unique project management solution

Between ticket management, wiki and CRM solutions, it's tempting to arm yourself with an arsenal of monitoring tools. But multiplying tools means multiplying processes, security rules, subscriptions, training... As a result, it is often observed that information dissipates, that these tools are not used to their full capacity and that, paradoxically, productivity is impacted.

ClickUp image

Why ClickUp?

A flexible structure

Complete task management

A multi-dimensional vision

A lot of features

A tool designed for your processes

A competitive offer

UpSys, French pioneer in ClickUp support

Ramzi tabka photo

With several years of experience in project management, I have used the major tools on the market. I had the opportunity to experiment with these tools in various configurations, to realize that there is a solution that combines simplicity of use, richness of functionality and adaptability to all organizations. It is ClickUp.

The most important thing to remember about ClickUp is that it is positioned as the ultimate productivity and tracking tool, suitable for almost any type of process if it is properly setup.

Ramzi Tabka, Founder of UpSys

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