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First Off, congratulations if you're here

You understood that your project software is the backbone of effective team performance, vital for onboarding, information storage, and task management.

But here is what usually happens

  1. Expect a surge in efficiency 📈
  2. Assign your tasks 👥
  3. Add organized folders 📂
  4. You pick and set up your software 👍

Yet, tasks remain undone, folders gather digital dust, and new hires are lost.

"Oh, the problem must be the tool. Let's try another one."

But it's not.

The problem is that you don't have processes.

Yet, this is the key to everything.

The quality of your business processes can even influence your company's valuation.

So forget about setting up tools; it's time to set up systems.

Welcome to ClickUp Master

A comprehensive, self-paced 6-pillar program designed to construct your business's ultimate operating system within ClickUp.

Part I: Systemize (3 hours)

Module 1


We will build up your workspace structure together from the ground up.

ClickUp Master Module 1

Module 2


We will tailor your settings to your requirements.

ClickUp Master Module 2

Module 3


We will design SOPs, templates, and automations for your workflow.

ClickUp Master Module 3

Part 2: Operate (3 hours)

Module 4


You will understand how to roadmap your projects for successful execution.

ClickUp Master Module 4

Module 5


You will learn how to work together on ClickUp to maximize efficiency.

ClickUp Master Module 5

Module 6


We will finish up by understanding what it means to get things done.

ClickUp Master Module 6

+ Bonus content

10+ ClickUp templates

Meticulously crafted from real-world workflows.


Quick & simple visuals to remember the essentials.


Video Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions.


Featuring ClickUp Updates, Insider Tips, and Personal Discoveries.

$95 $190

They loved being trained on Clickup

Your teacher

After a decade in project management, I now focus on helping teams scale their business through optimizing their workflows in ClickUp through my agency, UpSys.

I have seen hundreds of use cases and ClickUp Spaces.

That's why I am turning that knowledge into a comprehensive, easy-to follow training today.

Ramzi Tabka

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About UpSys Consulting

UpSys is a verified ClickUp consulting service. Our record:

  • Saved over 1000 hours through clear processes and automations
  • Helped 100 teams across 20+ companies

Clients like Brut and Joi Gaming experience on average:

  • 30% less time spent on manual tasks
  • 20% more team capacity
  • 2x increase in team morale

If you walk through the UpSys approach, you are set for quick, standout results. We bring more efficiency, better clarity and joy into daily project management.

all our figures are based on customer feedback

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