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Does UpSys implement ClickUp for me?

First, you need to ask yourself "How much does it cost me every day not to have optimized processes?". We want our service to provide you tangible ROI and a feeling of actually saving hours, and thus $$$ every day.

We offer support from a 1h coaching call at $300 to a full fledged ClickUp setup and company transformation.

For a full ClickUp transformation, our services range significantly based on the scope and scale of your project. Many of our clients start seeing changes with budgets from $3,000 upwards.

The initial discovery call is FREE, so let's begin there and identify what we can optimize and how we can help!

How long does it usually take to set up?

"To learn is to do," as Aristotle once said. At UpSys, our primary role is to assist you in crafting a custom ClickUp setup that's tailored to your needs. We'll draw on your in-depth business knowledge and pair it with our expertise to ensure ClickUp is perfectly adapted to your organization.

That is why we count on you to be available during the whole process and pick a ClickUp champion that will be our main point of contact in your business.

Do you provide continuous support?

It takes between a week and 3 months, depending on the complexity of implementation for your organization.

Can I migrate my data from another tool?

Certainly! We include two follow-up checkpoints by default after the ClickUp implementation—at 15 days and one two months. The extent of support is adjustable based on your organization's challenges and size, and we're equipped to offer assistance throughout the initial months or even years after implementation.

Can I integrate ClickUp with my other internal tools?

Absolutely. We handle the migration of tasks and fields from your previous project management tool to ensure a smooth and speedy transition to ClickUp.

Can I integrate ClickUp with other software?

You bet! ClickUp offers a wide range of native integrations.  In addition, we offer a custom integration service with ClickUp. We use two leading automation tools, Zapier and Make, to build custom integrations. ClickUp has a comprehensive, dedicated API.

Do we have to use ClickUp?

No, our method can apply to any modern project software. Although ClickUp is our recommended choice due to its versatility, we’re open to working with the tools you’re comfortable with.

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