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Does UpSys implement ClickUp for me?

"What we must learn to do, we learn by doing". ~ Aristotle
UpSys' role is first and foremost to help and guide you in designing a custom ClickUp structure. We will rely on your business knowledge to adapt ClickUp to your organization thanks to our expertise.

How long does it usually take to set up?

It takes between 5 and 20 days, depending on the complexity of implementation for your organization.

Do you provide continuous support?

Yes, absolutely! By default, three follow-up points are included following the implementation of the tool, at 15 days, one month and two months. Depending on your challenges and the size of your organization, we will adapt the support during the first months or even years of implementation.

Can I migrate my data from another tool?

Yes, we manage the migration of tasks and fields from your old project management tool so you can be up and running quickly on ClickUp.

Can I integrate ClickUp with my other internal tools?

Probably 😊. ClickUp has many native system integrations built into the platform. We also rely on two reference automation tools (Zapier and Make) to set up custom integrations. Finally, ClickUp has a very complete dedicated API. If you do not have the internal resources to perform a specific integration, we offer a custom integration service with ClickUp

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