ClickUp vs Monday: Which Project Management Tool is Right for You?

ClickUp vs Monday: Which Project Management Tool is Right for You?

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Disclaimer: Although we at UpSys Consulting specialize in ClickUp implementation, this review aims to provide a neutral comparison between ClickUp and based on our extensive experience in project management.


When it comes to project management software, two leading options often compared are ClickUp and Monday. Both platforms have significantly evolved, offering configuration options that cater to diverse business needs and preferences, including remote work support.

This article will explore these platforms in-depth, providing a detailed comparison to help you make an informed choice in the ClickUp vs. Monday matchup.

Key Takeaways

  • Both ClickUp and Monday offer robust project management capabilities but differ in their approach. ClickUp focuses on customization while Monday prioritizes simplicity.
  • For complex projects needing flexibility, ClickUp's configuration options are ideal. Monday works well for intuitive collaboration on waterfall projects.
  • ClickUp stands out in functionality and competitive pricing. Monday is easier to use, especially for beginners.
  • Consider your team's technical proficiency, need for customization, and importance of visual appeal when choosing between the two platforms.

Overview of ClickUp and Monday

ClickUp Overview

ClickUp was created to simplify project management and provides a wide variety of features that can be useful for all types of industries. Its strength lies in its comprehensive suite of tools, ranging from task management to managing projects with advanced functionalities. ClickUp is particularly renowned for its customizable dashboards, agile project management features, and time-tracking capabilities, making it a favorite among teams seeking flexibility and depth in their project management software.

ClickUp's User Interface
ClickUp's User Interface Overview focuses on a user-friendly experience. Monday is known for its intuitive interface that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Monday provides a smooth, user-friendly experience without sacrificing features including task prioritization, workflow automation, and integrations. Its approach focuses on helping teams collaborate and work efficiently, which is especially useful for groups that want project management to be straightforward but still have advanced project management capabilities.

Monday's User Interface
Monday's User Interface

Key Features Comparison: Monday Vs ClickUp

Task Management

ClickUp and Monday are both great at task management, with tools to create, assign, and track tasks for teams. They have customizable workflows, priority settings, due dates, and reminders to meet the diverse task management needs of different projects.

  • ClickUp: Offers task dependencies and multiple views like list, board, and timeline, for teams that need a detailed and comprehensive approach to task management.
  • Monday: It offers similar task management features, but emphasizes an attractive, color-coded design that might be more user-friendly for some teams.

Verdict: Tie

It's a tie. Both ClickUp and Monday offer robust task management with customizable workflows. ClickUp has more detailed views while Monday focuses on user-friendly visuals.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is important for monitoring project progress, budgeting, and invoicing. Both platforms provide effective time-tracking tools, but there are differences in their approach and availability.

  • ClickUp: Time tracking stands out with features that are tied into its task management tools. It even has a Chrome extension to make time tracking super easy to use.
ClickUp's Time Tracking Feature
ClickUp's Time Tracking Feature
  • Monday: Offers good time tracking features, especially in the pro version, giving you real-time insights into work activity.

Verdict: ClickUp

Slight edge to ClickUp for its deeply integrated, easy-to-use time tracking features.

Automation and Gantt Chart Views

Both platforms offer workflow automation capabilities but with differences in their implementation and ease of use. In terms of Gantt chart views, Monday provides a more advanced and visually appealing Gantt chart, which is important for teams that rely on these views for project planning and tracking.

  • ClickUp:

Offers a range of automation options, but users may find them a bit more complex to use. The Gantt view doesn't let you add a baseline to monitor project performance.

Custom Automation Builder in ClickUp
Custom Automation Builder in ClickUp
  • Monday: Uses a straightforward, fill-in-the-blank approach to automation that's user-friendly. The Gantt chart views are more advanced and great for visual project tracking.

Verdict: Monday

Monday wins for its user-friendly automation and more advanced Gantt chart visualizations. ClickUp's automation may be too complex for some users.

Automation Center in Monday
Automation Center in Monday


Templates simplify project setup, and both ClickUp and Monday offer them. However, they follow different approaches.


Templates are more abstract and adaptable. They are more suitable for users with specific workflow requirements and those willing to invest time in customization. However, a notable limitation is their language availability - ClickUp's templates are only offered in English, which could be a barrier for non-English speaking users.

ClickUp's Template Center
ClickUp's Template Center


Templates are practical and applicable to various specific scenarios such as CRM, Marketing, and Software Development. They offer ready-to-use structures, reducing the setup time and learning curve, and making them a boon for beginners or quick project setups.

Verdict: Tie

It's a tie. ClickUp stands out with customizable templates for specific needs, though they're only in English. Monday offers practical, easy templates ideal for beginners and various scenarios.

Monday's Template Center
Monday's Template Center

Unique Features

ClickUp Unique features

  • In-App Video Recording: A standout feature that allows quick explanations and sharing of ideas within tasks. However, the video recording feature takes up storage space and only works on certain browsers.
  • Chat View and Calendar: The built-in chat and calendar tools improve communication and planning in ClickUp, so you don't have to switch between apps to discuss tasks or schedule meetings.
ClickUp's In-Built Chat Feature
ClickUp's In-Built Chat Feature
  • Hierarchical System: ClickUp's hierarchical system is great for grouping information and generating reports, especially for large programs with multiple projects. It can compile tasks from different tables in a unique way that Monday can't.
  • Media Versioning: This feature enables commenting, editing, and annotating attachments, including images and videos, directly within ClickUp, enhancing collaboration, especially for teams working with visuals.
Add Comments to Media in ClickUp
Add Comments to Media in ClickUp
  • Notifications: ClickUp's notification system is highly customizable and much more powerful since ClickUp 3.0, allowing users to choose what alerts they receive and where.
ClickUp's Notifications Center Inbox
ClickUp's Notifications Center Inbox
  • Goals: ClickUp's Goals feature helps teams set and track key objectives, breaking them down into smaller, manageable Targets. unique features

  • User Interface: Known for its clean and intuitive interface, it's particularly suitable for beginners or teams that prefer simplicity in their project management tool.
  • Advanced Subtask Management: Better subtask management with custom fields for tasks and subtasks. This gives you more detailed control and visibility to improve workflow and readability.
  • Customizable Element Terminology: Allows you to customize the terminology for different items, which adds helpful context and personalization to your project structure.
  • Integrated Charts and Graphs: Excellent at data visualization for dashboards, with various charts and graphs to provide insights into your projects.
Custom Sales Dashboard for Powerful Data Visualization in Monday
Custom Sales Dashboard for Powerful Data Visualization in Monday

User Interface and Mobile App Usability

The user interface is a vital aspect when choosing a project management tool, as it significantly influences user adoption and productivity.

ClickUp User Interface

User Interface: ClickUp's interface focuses more on function over looks, with lots of customization options. However, its plain aesthetics and muted colors aren't as visually appealing. Since ClickUp has tons of flexible features, it can have a steep learning curve. With all its collapsible menus, some users may find it less intuitive to navigate. Some advanced tools like whiteboards and mind maps can be challenging and frustrating for some people to use.

ClickUp's Intuitive User Interface
ClickUp's Intuitive User Interface

Mobile App Usability: ClickUp offers native desktop apps across various operating systems, perfectly mirroring its web version's capabilities. Its mobile apps are also efficient for basic task management, they allow a smooth user experience, thanks to a user-friendly touch interface.

ClickUp Mobile App User Interface
ClickUp Mobile App User Interface

Monday User Interface

Known for having one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the industry, Monday's design is simple, intuitive, and visually appealing. Its bright and bold color palette, coupled with clean and concise menus, makes navigation quick and effortless, offering a smooth user experience for new users. is favored for its simplicity, promoting quicker adoption.

Monday Sales CRM Interface
Monday Sales CRM Interface

Mobile App Usability: Monday's mobile apps for iOS and Android are user-friendly. Although the views are limited compared to the desktop version, the apps allow users to efficiently manage tasks, add due -dates, comment, and rearrange tasks, ensuring a smooth experience.

Monday Mobile App User Interface
Monday Mobile App User Interface

Verdict: ClickUp

Slight advantage to ClickUp. ClickUp's interface is highly customizable though not as visually polished as Monday's. But its desktop and mobile apps mirror full capabilities, offering efficient task management through intuitive touch interfaces.

Pricing and Plans

ClickUp and offer similar pricing structures, each with a free version, three premium pricing plans, and an enterprise plan with custom pricing.

ClickUp Pricing

  • Free Version: ClickUp's free plan is designed mainly for individuals or very small teams, allowing unlimited task creation that suits personal use or single users.
  • Premium Plans: All of ClickUp's premium plans, starting from its most basic, are priced lower than’s corresponding plans. ClickUp offers the Unlimited Plan at $5/user/month for small teams with advanced features, and the Business Plan at $12/user/month for larger teams with more sophisticated tools. There's also an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing plans for large enterprises.
ClickUp Pricing Tiers
ClickUp Pricing Tiers

Monday Pricing

  • Free Version: The free plan supports up to two users and provides 500 MB of storage, more than ClickUp's 100 MB. But it limits you to 1,000 tasks or items, a restriction ClickUp's free version doesn't have.
  • Paid Plans: offers a range of pricing plans: the Basic Plan for small teams at $9/user/month, the Standard Plan with more features at $12/user/month, and the Pro Plan for advanced needs at $19/user/month, all billed annually. There's also an Enterprise Plan with specialized features, priced on request, and a free plan for up to two users.
Monday Pricing Plans
Monday Pricing Plans
  • Product Range: separates its offerings into three products: Sales CRM, Work Management, and Dev. With each product having distinct pricing, using multiple products can increase costs, especially if you need certain features like version control or Scrum tools.
Monday's Product Range
Monday's Product Range

Verdict: ClickUp

Both platforms offer similar pricing tiers, but ClickUp is generally much more budget-friendly with its lower-priced premium plans.

ClickUp Monday Integration Tools and Collaboration

Both ClickUp and are renowned for their collaboration capabilities and integration tools, each offering unique features to enhance team productivity and workflow efficiency.

ClickUp's Collaboration Tools and Integration Features

  • Email Integration: Directly integrates email into the platform, improving workflow by enabling straightforward communication and task management in one place.
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools: Includes whiteboards and mind maps which are great for coming up with ideas and planning projects. However, getting familiar with these powerful tools takes some time, meaning a learning curve for new users.
  • Third-Party Integration: Integrates with many top tools like HubSpot, Trello, Jira, Asana, Slack, Wrike, Basecamp, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. Having access to this wide range of integrations enhances workflows and boosts team productivity across different area
  • Calendar Integration: Allows syncing with business calendars, making it easy to schedule and manage tasks right from the platform.
  • Data Importing: Uniquely, ClickUp allows direct task import from, simplifying the migration process for users switching platforms.
  • Custom Integrations via API: Expands ClickUp's capabilities beyond standard third-party integrations, giving users the flexibility to customize the tool to meet specific needs.'s Collaboration Tools and Integration Features

  • Interactive Commenting System: It has an engaging, interactive commenting system that improves team communication by keeping team members in the loop and collaborative.
  • Integration with Major Tools: Similar to ClickUp, integrates with a range of third-party tools, simplifying project management and team coordination.
  • Lack of In-Built Chat Functionality: Unlike ClickUp, does not offer an in-built chat feature, relying instead on integrations with platforms like Slack and Gmail for real-time communication.
Monday's Integration Tools
Monday's Integration Tools

Verdict: ClickUp

ClickUp stands out with its direct email integration, advanced tools, and unique data-importing feature.

Security and Support

In terms of advanced security features, both ClickUp and Monday have made significant strides. In their premium packages, they offer two-factor authentication and integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication protocols. These features add an extra layer of protection and streamline user access, enhancing overall security.

Advanced Security Features

ClickUp incorporates two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication protocols in its premium packages, adding an extra layer of security., along with two-factor authentication and SSO, also includes audit trails, reviews of table and data usage, and customizable password policies even in its lower-tier packages. This shows that takes a more comprehensive approach to security.

Verdict: Monday takes the lead with its more advanced security offerings, including audit trails and customizable password policies across all package levels.

Monday Vs ClickUp Support Options

ClickUp offers the following support options:

  • Knowledge Base and Tutorials: Provides a wide range of resources to help users learn its advanced project management and agile project management features.
  • Customer Support: Offers efficient customer service to address user questions and remote work support.

Monday offers the following support options:

  • Customer Support: Has a detailed knowledge base and user-friendly tutorials for both beginners and experienced users of project management software.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Known for quick, helpful customer service to help agile teams and businesses with project management.

Verdict: Tie

Slight edge to ClickUp for focus on advanced workflows and remote work support. But Monday also provides strong a knowledge base and responsive customer service.

Use Cases and Suitability

When considering ClickUp and Monday, it's essential to understand which platform is better suited for various business types and sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises, and across specific industries.

  • Complex Project Management: ClickUp is great for handling complex projects because of its high level of customization, making it perfect for software development, detailed task tracking, and technical workflows.
  • Creative and Marketing Projects: Monday is particularly effective for marketing campaigns, content planning, and creative projects, due to its visual project tracking and user-friendly interface.
  • Software Development and Technical Teams: ClickUp offers specialized features like Git integrations, sprint management, and bug tracking, catering well to software development and other technical projects.
  • Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Monday has built-in CRM capabilities, making it a good choice for sales teams to manage leads, customer interactions, and sales pipelines.

Both platforms have been used successfully in various industries. ClickUp’s advanced project management tools have helped tech startups streamline their development processes, while’s project management software has been instrumental in helping marketing agencies manage their creative projects.


The choice between ClickUp and depends on the specific requirements of your business. ClickUp offers greater flexibility and customization, making it suitable for businesses that need a tool to grow and adapt with them. It's particularly strong in areas like Kanban Boards, offering unique project visualization and management.

In contrast, is perfect for those who value an intuitive, user-friendly platform with robust project management capabilities and excellent remote work support.

Both platforms are well-equipped with AI features, enhancing productivity and efficiency across different industries and business sizes.

When to choose

You're prepared to invest a substantial sum and are confident in carrying out the implementation process independently. Monday's simplicity and robustness make it a stand-out choice for those looking to deploy a project management application without external assistance.

Key benefits of include:

  • Autonomous implementation supported by French-language documentation and ready-to-use modules (CRM, Marketing, Dev) available as paid extensions.
  • Unique ability to structure subtasks completely differently from the parent tasks.
  • Proven performance and reliability in the market.
  • Comprehensive security measures and rights and permissions management for rigorous supervision.

When to choose ClickUp

Your team is moderately sized, tech-savvy, and seeking a platform with unparalleled functionality and value for money. ClickUp, with its myriad features and complex hierarchy system, does pose a learning curve. However, it's an ideal match for a team that is fluent in English or open to external assistance.

Key benefits of ClickUp include:

  • A hierarchical system provides a unique overview of your projects.
  • Scalability to accommodate growing teams, given proper configuration.
  • Its pricing structure makes it the most competitive project management tool available.

Why UpSys has chosen to help its customers on ClickUp

This section may lean more on subjectivity, but at UpSys, we've put our years of experience with project management tools to work for our customers. Their feedback, combined with our trials on numerous project management platforms, has led us to develop a deep proficiency in ClickUp.

ClickUp's unique hierarchical structure, the suite of features, and the responsive support and development team give us confidence in recommending this tool. If you'd like to learn more about ClickUp and how UpSys supports its implementation, feel free to book a free call here.

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