ClickUp AI Review: A Guide to AI-Powered Project Project Management

ClickUp AI Review: A Guide to AI-Powered Project Project Management

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What is ClickUp AI?

ClickUp AI is a powerful collection of conversational, contextual, and role-based AI tools and features available in ClickUp. It connects your organization's people, work, and knowledge like never before.

In this article, we will walk you through a comprehensive ClickUp AI review, offering insights into how ClickUp AI transforms project management through its AI-powered features.

ClickUp AI allows you to access AI from anywhere in ClickUp. Ask questions, get summaries of tasks, docs, and people, automate project updates, and more! ClickUp AI connects people, work, and knowledge across teams and silos. Ask questions, summarize work, get updates, and automate repetitive tasks.

With AI tightly integrated across ClickUp, you can stay aligned and work faster together.

ClickUp AI interface
ClickUp AI interface

ClickUp AI Features:

  • Interactive Q&A- Ask questions from anywhere in ClickUp and get instant answers based on workspace context.
  • Contextual Answers- Get AI answers specific to the task or doc you're viewing.
  • Personalized Standups- Quickly generate or get AI standup updates based on your work.
  • Task and Doc Summaries- Summarize tasks, threads, comments, and docs with one click.
  • ClickUp AI Writing Assistant- ClickUp AI writing assistant helps you write faster with an integrated, contextual writing with ClickUp AI assistant.
  • 100+ Prompts and Templates- Access over 100 prompts customized to roles like marketing, engineering, support, and more!
ClickUp AI custom template generation
ClickUp AI custom template generation

ClickUp AI Capabilities

AI Knowledge Manager in ClickUp

ClickUp's AI knowledge manager lets you ask questions about tasks, docs, plans, products, and people in your workspace.

It searches across all of your team's spaces, projects, and docs to find relevant information.

ClickUp AI Features
ClickUp AI Features

ClickUp Brain: Enhancing Project Management

ClickUp Brain
ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is the first AI neural network that connects projects, documents, people, and company knowledge using AI. It distinguishes itself by being a focused segment of the broader ClickUp AI platform. It takes the capabilities of ClickUp AI and refines them into a more targeted suite of features.

The core idea behind ClickUp Brain is to enhance efficiency in the workplace. It does so by simplifying several key aspects of work, such as information retrieval, task management, and content creation including task and doc creation.

ClickUp Brain integrates components of ClickUp AI, such as conversational interfaces and context understanding related to documents, tasks, and users, helping you easily create docs. This integration results in a user experience that feels intuitive and responsive to the specific needs of the user.

In summary:

  • ClickUp AI: This is the complete set of ClickUp AI features. It includes various ClickUp AI tools that use artificial intelligence to help with project management and other tasks.
  • ClickUp Brain: This is a specific part of the ClickUp AI suite. ClickUp Brain focuses on quickly giving you answers, helping manage tasks, assisting with writing, and providing ready-to-use tools.
  • How They Work Together: ClickUp Brain uses the ClickUp AI features to offer specific benefits. It's designed to make certain tasks easier and more efficient, using the broader AI capabilities of ClickUp.

Features of ClickUp Brain:

Instant Answers

  • ClickUp Brain provides immediate answers to questions related to tasks, documents, team members, company wikis, plans, insights, and products. This feature significantly reduces the time spent searching for information.
  • ClickUp Brain quickly searches through ClickUp's data and the help information available, making sure you find the right and useful information quickly.

Automated Tasks

The automated tasks feature in ClickUp Brain simplifies project management. It automates the creation of project summaries, progress updates, standups, and action items, which improves overall project efficiency.

  • This feature uses natural language to build automations, making it intuitive and user-friendly.

AI Writing Assistant

  • The AI writing assistant in ClickUp Brain offers contextual writing assistance, customized according to each user's role.
  • It includes a built-in spell check, quick replies, and the capability to generate tables and templates, as well as transcribe meetings, catering to a wide range of writing needs.
AI Powered Summarization with ClickUp AI
AI Powered Summarization with ClickUp AI

100+ Prebuilt Tools

  • ClickUp Brain comes equipped with over 100 prebuilt tools, suitable for various departments and roles. Whether it's creating presentations, user studies, or meeting agendas, these prompts are designed to speed up the workflow.
  • These tools help teams build and shipping products faster, simplifying the creative and development processes.


  • A significant aspect of ClickUp Brain is its commitment to data security. The data within ClickUp Brain is not used for model training, ensuring user privacy.
  • ClickUp maintains strict data privacy contracts with AI vendors, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining user trust.

ClickUp Brain leverages ClickUp's AI capabilities to provide a suite of features that enhance efficiency, ease of use, and security in project management and team collaboration.

AI Project Manager in ClickUp

The AI project manager automatically generates status summaries, progress updates, and next steps for your projects.

It can also create personalized standups, schedule meetings, generate agendas, and more. This keeps teams aligned without repetitive, manual updates.

Generate Subtasks

  • Create subtasks from task name: Quickly turn a main task into smaller, manageable subtasks. It's straightforward and keeps projects organized.
Creating subtasks from task name using ClickUp AI
Creating subtasks from task name using ClickUp AI
  • Edit names or deselect subtasks: Easily change subtask names or remove them as your project evolves. This keeps your task list relevant and flexible.
  • Use other AI features to add details: Add extra info to your subtasks using ClickUp AI’s features. It helps in keeping every detail of your project in check.

Standups and Team Updates

Automating team standups and updates with ClickUp AI
Automating team standups and updates with ClickUp AI
  • Quickly summarize your or your teammates' work: Instantly get an overview of what everyone's working on.
  • Set date range: Focus on specific periods for updates. This helps in tracking progress over weeks or months.
  • Choose format: Bulleted, short, traditional: select the best format for your team's updates, ensuring clarity and readability.
  • Create task or doc from summary: Turn summaries into actionable tasks or documents right away, saving time and fostering productivity.

AI Custom Fields

  • AI Summary and Progress Update fields: Keep tabs on project progress with these dynamic fields. They provide a snapshot of where things stand.
  • Add columns to views: Customize your project dashboard by adding important columns, making it easier to track specific aspects of your projects.
  • Refresh as work progresses: Keep your information up-to-date with real-time updates, ensuring you’re always working with the latest data.


  • Voice clips automatically transcribed: Turn meeting recordings and voice notes into written text quickly. It's a great way to document discussions and ideas.

AI Writer for Work

ClickUp's AI writing assistant helps you in drafting content for work. Fix spelling and grammar, summarize text, generate ideas, translate, and more.

It's customized to your industry's tone and patterns by learning from your team's existing docs and tasks.

Navigating ClickUp AI
Navigating ClickUp AI

Write with AI

  • Custom prompts: Customize your content to specific ClickUp AI project needs using custom prompts.
  • Talking points text box: Input important details in the talking point box and let ClickUp AI generate precise, relevant paragraphs.
  • Insert, edit inputs, copy, try again, and tell AI more options: Experiment and perfect your content using ClickUp AI’s flexible editing options.
  • Create task or doc from generated content: Easily convert AI-generated text into ClickUp tasks or documents, improving productivity and organization.
  • AI Translator: Use ClickUp AI's translator to easily translate content, improving communication in various languages and making your projects more accessible.

AI Tools

Using ClickUp AI tools
Using ClickUp AI tools
  • Over 100 prompts for specific roles: ClickUp AI, as a productivity platform offers prompts for diverse roles, enhancing productivity in sales, marketing, and product management.
  • Arranged by department: Select from ClickUp AI prompts categorized by department, ensuring content relevance and efficiency.
  • Provide info based on prompt: Supply specific information to get ClickUp AI to produce industry-specific content.

Create Tasks and Docs

  • Generate content from toolbar: Use ClickUp AI directly from the toolbar to create detailed task and document descriptions.
  • Role-based writing assistance and built-in spell-check: Ensure error-free, high-quality content in your ClickUp tasks and docs.
  • Improving writing quality with AI quick replies: ClickUp AI helps in enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of your project communication by improving your writing quality.
ClickUp AI Writing Assistant
ClickUp AI Writing Assistant

Edit with AI

  • Edit AI-generated content and polish existing drafts: Use ClickUp AI to fine-tune drafts or improve existing project documents.
  • Improve writing, fix grammar, make longer/shorter: Customize your content length and style in ClickUp, ensuring the perfect fit for your project needs.


  • Summarize docs, threads, inbox comments: ClickUp AI uses AI-powered summarization to quickly provide concise overviews of lengthy documents, threads, and inbox comments.
Comments summarization using ClickUp AI
Comments summarization using ClickUp AI
  • Task summaries and progress updates: Stay on top of your projects with AI-powered summaries and updates in ClickUp.

Accessing ClickUp AI Features

Accessing AI in ClickUp is easy and intuitive. Here are the main ways to tap into the power of AI:


The toolbar located at the top of the ClickUp interface provides quick access to AI from anywhere in your workspace. Just click the AI button or use the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac: Option + K
  • Windows: Alt + K

You can also access ClickUp AI directly within:

  • Task descriptions
  • Comments
  • Custom fields
  • The Command Center
  • Docs

Simply click the AI button in these locations to generate relevant recommendations and insights.

To use AI to improve existing content:

  • Highlight text and select the AI icon from the text toolbar
  • Choose a prompt like "Fix spelling and grammar" from the dropdown

When composing task-related emails, use AI to:

  • Write initial drafts
  • Reply to messages
  • Add content to drafts or copy for pasting

ClickUp AI Pricing and Plans

ClickUp AI pricing starts at just $5 per user per month on top of your ClickUp plan. That's 5-20x cheaper than alternatives. The ClickUp AI cost is structured to be affordable, offering various plans to suit different team sizes.

ClickUp AI complies with strict data privacy standards. Your proprietary information is never used for training AI models.

ClickUp AI Pricing
ClickUp AI Pricing
  • Available for $5 per member/month on all paid ClickUp plans
  • ClickUp AI free trials offered (usage limits apply based on plan)
  • Purchase AI access for an entire workspace (not individual users)
  • Turn on/off in ClickApps

Real-World Use Cases of ClickUp AI

With custom prompts and constraints, ClickUp AI can automate repetitive tasks and provide intelligent assistance across departments. Here are just some of the possibilities:

Sales: Quickly draft sales emails and create pitches customized to prospects. Use AI to analyze competitors by summarizing their websites, products, and marketing strategies. Summarize sales meetings and generate action items.

Marketing: Generate high-quality ad copy and landing pages optimized for conversions. Create SEO audits and strategies to boost organic rankings. Conduct market research and analysis to guide campaigns and positioning.

Customer Support: Use AI to respond to support tickets, offering a summary of the issue and potential solutions. Generate FAQs by having AI analyze past tickets and identify common questions. Create onboarding checklists and offboarding surveys to improve the customer experience.

HR: Draft accurate job descriptions by providing an overview of the role and required skills. Screen resumes to surface the most qualified applicants. Create employee handbooks and onboarding documents to align and engage staff.

Product: Use AI to generate product specs from high-level descriptions of a new feature. Create user stories and PRDs from customer needs and product requirements. Summarize user research by providing transcripts and notes from interviews.

Engineering: Generate code templates for common use cases like forms, dashboards, and CRUD apps. Summarize technical docs to explain them simply to non-technical teams. Create release notes by summarizing software changes from Git commit history.

The possibilities are endless with ClickUp's flexible AI platform!

Concrete ClickUp AI Examples in Action

Here are some concrete examples of how teams are using ClickUp AI today:

  • Ask AI to summarize competitor products by providing links to their websites. Use the summary to create a SWOT analysis doc.
  • Generate ad copy for a new product launch by providing an overview of the product and target audience. Tweak the copy for different channels.
  • Have AI analyze support ticket themes by inputting a sample of support emails. Use the analysis to update help docs.
  • Create user stories for a new feature just by describing it in 1-2 sentences. Then have AI expand on the customer benefit.

Tips and Best Practices for ClickUp AI

Follow these tips to maximize productivity with ClickUp AI:

  • Give AI highly specific prompts and constraints for the best results.
  • Iterate on the output. Re-prompt AI to refine and improve the generated text.
  • Use AI as a starting point. The output often needs some human refinement and editing.
  • Take advantage of AI's speed for repetitive tasks. But carefully review anything externally facing.
  • Try different tones of voice for different audiences and use cases. Adjust the creativity level too.
  • Feed AI relevant contextual information to improve quality. Like support ticket samples or docs.
  • Use AI as a brainstorming partner. Create multiple variations of things like ad copy.

Conclusion - Why Choose ClickUp AI for Your Team?

In this guide, we've explored ClickUp AI's extensive features, showcasing its impact on project management. With functionalities ranging from interactive Q&A to the advanced AI Knowledge Manager and ClickUp Brain, ClickUp AI stands out as a comprehensive tool for automating tasks and improving team collaboration.

ClickUp AI's unique advantage lies in its focus on project management, automating tasks, and simplifying workflow efficiency. Contrasting ClickUp AI vs ChatGPT, ClickUp AI specializes in project-specific tasks, while ChatGPT caters to a broader range of conversational AI applications. This highlights ClickUp AI as a specialized, AI-driven tool for project management.

UpSys Support for ClickUp

At UpSys, we specialize in helping teams optimize their use of ClickUp and leverage ClickUp AI.

Our expertise includes:

  • ClickUp setup and configuration to match your workflows
  • Consulting on best practices for ClickUp AI adoption
  • Training for your team on ClickUp and ClickUp AI features
  • Workflow optimization and custom automation with ClickUp AI
  • Ongoing support and coaching for advanced ClickUp AI usage

Contact UpSys to tailor ClickUp and ClickUp AI to your team's unique needs. Take your project management to the next level with AI-powered efficiency.

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